Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested DivorceAn uncontested divorce in Pattaya is not very common as there are always a number of issues which creates a defended divorce matter. Consider the costs of the divorce then consider what the dispute is about. At times it might be better to cut you losses if you are in dispute over a motorcycle or a 200,000 Baht apartment. Consider these factors first. When both parties agree to a divorce and they have come to a settlement with regards to everything from the property, business and/or children the matter is fast and has a substantially lower cost.

As this divorce is a 'divorce by mutual consent' the following documents are needed :

  • - The two original marriage certificates (written & fancy one)
  • - Your Thai wife's ID card
  • - Your Thai wife's Tadian Baan
  • - Your passport

 The divorce is easier to do if you are getting divorced at the same Amphur where you got married. If it is not then the passport needs to be verified. This is done at your embassy in Bangkok and is as follows:

  • - Verify the passport you have and issue a 'certification of fact'
  • - Translation to Thai of the Certification of the passport
  • - Translation needs to be verified by the Department of Foreign Affairs


The documents needed for the divorce are no complete and you will now be able to get divorced at the Amphurs Offices much the same as when you got married. As this is an uncontested divorce you need to have a divorce agreement to stipulate what each party gets, who pays what and what happens to the business and children.

The Amphur normally gets this done but most tend to approach a divorce laywer in Pattaya as the documents need to be in Thai so you need to have a certain amount of security during the divorce to ensure that what has been agreed on is what is stated in the document. Many simple get an attorney to draft the divorce agreement for them in both English and Thai so that each party understands the agreement.

Both parties have to appear in person at the Amphurs Office and a divorce degree will be issued. The divorce process in Thailand is very straight forward except for the language barrier which could get you into trouble. Hence speak to a lawyer in Pattaya. Our offices in Pattaya are near to the bus station and we are open Monday to Saturdays so come in and speak to us about your divorce in Pattaya.


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