Marital Property

The Thai legal system view property in a divorce slightly different to how it is viewed in the West. They also have different wording for the property and assign a status for each category of property. These are the 2 types of marital property that the Thai legal systems looks at. If you are not certain then ask online or call  our toll-free numbers for assistance so walk into our offices in Pattaya or Bangkok for assistance. If you have a prenuptial agreement then the property status will change so speak to our divorce lawyer about it.

Sin Suan Tua - considered as separate property:

  • Any property belonging to either of you before marriage;
  • Any property for personal use such as clothing;
  • Any property acquired by either of you during marriage by inheritance or a gift;
  • Khongman (dowry).

Sin Somros – considered as marital property are as follow:

  • Any property acquired/bought during marriage;
  • Any property acquired/bought by either of you during marriage;
  • Any fruits of the Sin Suan Tua (fruits of the separate property - interest etc);

Again speak to a lawyer before you agree to any division of property. If you need assistance speak to us online or better yet walk into our offices anywhere in Thailand for help and legal guidance. Do it today!

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