Contested Divorce

A contested divorce can be very costly and depending on the issues can take anywhere from 6 months to a year. When the divorce is filed by your attorney you need to be in court. Any other appearances you would need to speak to the attorney dealing with the matter. Thai courts do understand that many expats getting divorced tend to return to their home countries and they do accommodate for this after the first appearance.

Firstly there is the issue for grounds for divorce in Thailand which is listed on this website. Normally you would have to appear on 2 occasions. The first time when the trial starts and then again you would need to appear if you have to testify. If you wife does not appear then the matter would be settled by default and the divorce granted on your testimony and evidence only - but this rarely happens. As for property, children and other issues the court would decide what is best. If during the trial your wife decides to settle then a divorce agreement can be drafted and filed with the court. That would then be the end of the matter.

Speak to your attorney about the cost, complexity and the time line that you would be looking at. If you have any questions then call our toll-free number for assistance and speak to a family lawyer about your divorce and the issues which you are facing. Some of the divorce matter we have done over the past 12 years have made the press in high profile matters.

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