Child Support

Child SupportThe laws in Thailand are no like those in your home country as you will see when we highlight some of the oddities within Thai law when it comes to child support. Certain obligations which in the West would be naturally enforceable in Thailand is not and is optional to a great extent. Again, speak to a family lawyer about any of your child support issues in Thailand.

Child Support - Divorcing Parents

The courts will decide what is applicable and what is not. Custody, school fees, monthly or yearly child support payments, all of these are decided by the court. The courts do take into account the income of the parents and the cost of raising a child in Thailand. If it is a divorce by mutual consent then both parents will come to an agreement as to what would be a fair amount of money.

Child Support - Illegitimate Child

Thai law does not make any provision for child support for illegitimate children. The father is under no obligation to pay child support unless both parties had agreed to this in writing and filed the documents with the local District office.

Again speak to a family lawyer about this in Pattaya if child support is becoming an issue or if you are being sued for not paying any after you had made a written agreement to this effect. Call us today for advice and support.

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