Uncontested Divorce - Questions

These are some of the most common questions about getting divorced in Thailand. If you have any other questions ask us online or call our toll-free US and UK numbers to speak to a family lawyer. Any other questions that you prefer to speak to someone in person you can walk into any of our offices in Thailand. The Pattaya office is less than 500m away from the Pattaya Bus Terminus.

  • - Can one file for an uncontested Divorce? Yes any of you can file for the divorce. As it is an uncontested divorce it would mean that both parties agreed to the divorce and the divorce agreement settlement which both of you had agreed on.
  • - What are the advantages to this type of divorce? Firstly it is easy, far cheaper and very straightforward.
  • - How does it start? The process starts when you and your Thai wife go back to the Amphur where you got married and start the process. If you go to another Amphur you need to have your passport verified and that takes 2 days in Bangkok at your Embassy and the Department of Foreign Affairs.
  • - Do I need to appear? Yes in an uncontested divorce you must appear in person. Your attorney cannot do it on his/her own.
  • - What does the Divorce Agreement contain? The agreement states who gets which property, custody of the children, debts and what to do with the business, house and car. It is always best to get an attorney to do this so that there is an English and Thai version of the agreement.
  • - How long does it take? An uncontested divorce with all the documents completed will take less than a day to complete.
  • - What documents are needed? You need your original marriage certificate (both versions). Your wife's ID card and Tabian Baan. Your passport, your divorce agreement and also birth certificates of any children.


If you need any help speak to our lawyer in Pattaya for guidance with regards to property, children, and any other legal issued that you might not have thought of. Call us today or walk into our offices anywhere in Thailand.


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